The Edge of Honor (Team Edge #2)


A serial killer is on the loose in San Diego - but this time he picked the wrong target. When Jessica Bentley appears on TV to talk about the high profile murderer nicknamed the “Savior” she unwittingly becomes his target.  Unlike the other pregnant and single women the Savior has killed, Jessica has Jake Kincaid on her side. A Navy SEAL and hacker, Jake is determined to protect the woman he wants to marry from becoming a victim of a madman, but the Savior has his own computer skills.  In this game of cat and mouse, Jake might not be able to protect Jessica by himself.


A thrilling and twisted suspense, “The Edge of Honor” takes everything twisted about mankind, dumps it in the head of one madman, tosses in two good people with their own scary pasts and makes it fast paced and hard to put down! Readers will find themselves so drawn in that to put the book down before finishing will leave them with goose bumps and nightmares. However, the book ends in a cliff hanger with one of the side plots left wide open. Further, the explanation of how the bad guy became so twisted is revealed in a somewhat disjointed fashion which distracts from the main plot. Overall, this second Team Edge installment is highly suspenseful, not for the faint of heart, and probably should be read when the next one comes out so that readers can get the whole story and a solid ending.


Warning: Violence (Sexual, Physical, Mental)


Sarah E. Bradley