Tripped Up Love (The New Ever After Series #1)


Heather Meadows is trying to move on after the death of her husband by writing her love story, but she’s having trouble doing so when he died so unexpectedly and so young. Being a widowed mother of three children wasn’t part of her plans either. So, when she runs into a handsome bestselling author named Peter and sparks fly, Heather is surprised to discover that even with nosy neighbors, a shattered heart, and little children sending her in circles, just maybe her love story isn’t over yet.


A charming contemporary love story, “Tripped up Love” deals with a klutzy but endearing widowed mom and a heart-stopping, down to earth author. They run into one another on the road in the suburbs and fall in love. Heather is the kind of mom you expect to live next door while Peter is the famous but kind heartthrob that women dream will knock on their door. The story is full of everyday events like moms gossiping on Facebook and kids with lice, which, although they make the story relatable for the reader, contain little conflict, tension or memorable pizzazz other than Heather trying to convince herself it’s okay to move on. This is a fluffy, feel-good book, great for a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley