The Battle (Children of Annwn #2)

Jennifer Owen
Young Adult

In her effort to save the human realm, Mia has become locked out of Annwn without her magic and unable to defend herself when her enemy Greyson comes calling once more. Willing to do anything to regain her powers, even abandon Ryder and her friends, Mia allows Greyson to help her recover her magic without thinking of the cost. Meanwhile, someone dangerous haunts Mia and if Mia can’t resist, she may succumb to her great-grandmother’s evil before Ryder can save her. With war approaching, Mia and Ryder will need to break some rules to win, even if it means losing the love they fought so hard to gain.


A fast-paced YA fantasy, this is the second in the “Children of Annwn” series. Readers must read the first book as “The Battle” picks right up where the first left off and uses terminology that isn’t explained in this story. Mia and Ryder are a strong romantic couple even while others try to threaten their relationship. However, other than the romance, the plot is rushed and abrupt at times. The conflict seems to end almost as soon as it occurs, and is easily overcome when it is built up to be a big problem. On the other hand, the sheer number of new twists keeps the reader guessing and Mia and Ryder moving. Further, the quirky side characters add humor to the adventure, making this an interesting read.


Sarah E. Bradley