A Piper's Song (The Pied Piper Tales)

Young Adult

URBAN FANTASY:  Kyra is a descendent of the Pied Piper of Grimm lore, the very one who lured all the town’s rats into the river and then stole their children when the townsfolk wouldn’t pay. As a result, Kyra and her family aren’t very popular among Pipers. The problem is that as an outcast, Kyra is desperately in need of a teacher but unsure who to trust or the rules that come with being a piper. When Kyra and her brothers strike out on their own, Kyra sends out a call for a teacher that lands her even further in trouble, because Kyra is a powerful piper and some will stop at nothing to claim her power for themselves. With the right teacher and training Kyra has a chance to defend herself and her family, and even protect the budding romance she has with a classmate, but will she be able to find the right person to trust? And most importantly, can she learn to control her gift in time?


A strong new YA story, “A Piper’s Song” explores the old fashioned and somewhat brutal world of pipers, kept secret from the humans and full of dangers for an untrained piper like Kyra. Kyra is determined and protective of her family. Her love interest, Ben, is a good guy out of his depth but supportive, while her teacher has a story all of his own. The world building is phenomenal and writing is smooth. After reading the gripping portion about the piper competition the reader will have difficulty putting the book down and will discover that the next book in this series can’t come out soon enough!


Sarah E. Bradley