Lost Distinction (Jordan James PI, #2)


Jordan James has begun to make a name for herself thanks to solving a decade-old cold case. Now her boyfriend needs her help once again - this time to find his missing cousin, Arthur. But this case takes Jordan out of her comfort zone when she discovers Arthur is the son of a U.S. Ambassador and the family is keeping more than one secret. Determined to help Rick but facing many secrets and lies on a family and political scale, Jordan will need to trust her instincts and her friends to uncover the truth behind Arthur’s disappearance.


The second in the “Jordan James PI” series, “Lost Distinction” involves a different kind of mystery than the first with more romance. The interactions between Jordan, her boyfriend and her assistant provide a romantic tangle to balance out the political tangle dealing with Rick’s relatives and his missing cousin. However, this mystery is slow to start and unravels almost all at once. The danger is both real and present, but only occurs a couple of times. Further, the cliffhanger ending seems engineered less to keep the reader’s attention than it is simply a sudden stop. On the other hand, some of the new characters (particularly Michelle) will bring a smile to the reader’s face in the middle of the mystery. “Lost Distinction” is a comfy mystery, with a twist behind Arthur’s disappearance and a love triangle to fight over.


Sarah E. Bradley