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Lord Drake, Anthony MacMillian, and his best friend’s sister, Lady Minerva Marlbury, have been secretly in love with one another for as long as they can remember. However, Anthony could not give her a marriage, especially if that meant she could not have a family in the future.

The destined warrior and clan chief of Dál Gaedhle, Arlan, decides he wants an alternative option to being a leader – only it seems Arlan got more than he asked for. Two completely opposite worlds collide when Arlan jumps into a literal new time and discovers Rhiannon, a librarian who feels completely out of place in the normal world.

This book was given to two separate reviewers and neither could determine a cohesive and understandable storyline enough to give it an honest review.

As a teenager, Faith Penwilliger lost both her brother and father during WWII. Faith had to grow up fast in order to learn her father’s business in order to keep herself and her mother surviving. Four years later, she is a competent boss at her father’s brick company, but the ravages of war have changed her… and the main reason for those changes is arriving home.


Isabella is the only family member to ever attend college. Her scholarship is the only way she’s made it this far. She’s set to graduate in few months, and her mentor and professor, a notorious investigative reporter whom she’s known for years gives her a final assignment that is outrageous, and her entire grade hinges on it. If she doesn’t deliver, she risks not graduating.