Shield of Fire (Flames of Winter Book 2)

Bree Wolf

Sarah Mortensen is ruined. Her father’s debts led her to a forced engagement, and only a plan formed by Dowager Countess of Whickerton saved her from the undesirable marriage.  Sarah can cry off her engagement after spending a fortnight away when she was “kidnapped”. When secrets begin to unravel she finds that the man she thought was hired as part of the plan is a friend of the Whickerton’s and is not a mysterious stranger after all. Keir MacKinnear, son of the Laird of Clan MacKinnear has willingly taken part in the plan to help Sarah escape her forced engagement, but like Sarah, his feelings extend far beyond the plan. When Sarah wishes to travel to her sister who she worries is keeping secrets and needs help, Keir is right there protecting her and helping her navigate the dangerous situation they may be heading towards. 

At the beginning of this story, it takes a little while to catch up with events prior to where this tale starts and can be a little overwhelming at first. Once one has come to know the characters, it is easy to understand this is a story of more than just the love of these main characters; this is a story showcasing the lengths one family will go to keep the hearts of those they love safe. While the pages might not steam up while reading this, reader’s hearts will certainly be beating hard when the Whickerton’s show that nothing gets in the way of family. Get ready to fall madly in love with Sarah, Keir, and Loki! 

Valerie Vicars