Once Upon A Legend (Once Upon A Legend Book 1)

Mary Ting

Idrisa, a seventeen-year-old girl who has never known her purpose in life, is swept into a new world after her orphanage receives a birthday gala invite for Prince Merrick of Dumonia. Idrisa not only learns of her true fate and discovers her claim of a powerful eternal sword, but she also finds herself digging up truths about Dumonia that the emperor hoped to keep hidden. Prince Merrick, on the other hand, is still dealing with his mother’s death and worries of her warnings of his future. When he meets Idrisa, the suspense only seems to worsen as the empire he grew up in slowly falls to shambles, and everything he thought he knew is revealed as a lie. Can Idrisa and Merrick trust each other enough to keep their world from destruction?

Everything about this novel screams successful fantasy, from the enchanting world-building, the subtle teenage angst, the solidity of friendship, and the destruction of betrayal, which will make the reader never want this story to end! The character development and likable qualities each of the characters in this novel is so well-done, it’s hard not to fall into the reading hole this story creates. It’s just cheesy enough to stick to the young adult genre, but not enough to make readers cringe. There’s a perfect balance between fantasy and reality, and it’s a delightful mix for this adventure. Also, the world-building is phenomenal enough that one can imagine themselves living there thanks to the masterful writing. This book will keep readers on their toes the whole way through, and is a must-read for young adult fantasy! 

Austen Grace