If Jelly Beans Were Kisses (Jelly Beans and Spring Things)

Virginia Barlow

CONTEMPORARY: When Jillian Andrews’ partner dies in a cartel set up, she suddenly finds a new partner in Zachary Tillman. Zach is the only member of the Dallas Police Force willing to partner with Jill. He has always been attracted to her and waited through her bitter divorce, now he sees his chance to show her what a great partner he can be – on duty and off. Jill is unprepared for a man who is reliable, supportive, and kind. But soon she finds that he is exactly what she needs as they begin to unravel what really happened to her partner, and the scale of who is involved. Jill learns to trust Zach, but will she get the chance to find out what being with him is like before those who betrayed and killed her partner take her out of the equation too?

Jill and Zach have a heated chemistry from the beginning, and as they share jelly beans instead of giving in to the heat between them, the tension only grows. As feelings develop between the two, they are also involved in a police case with depth, twists, and turns. This fast-paced novella keeps the pages turning and packs in romance throughout the deeper plotline of the crimes being solved. Virginia Barlow manages to merge the police drama with the romance in a wonderful blend. As Jill learns to trust Zach and work with him, her character grows and matures. A terrific balance of light and sunshine with the crafted dark criminal plot. Fans of mysteries and romance will find this to be both a quick uplifting read.

Cara Cieslak