Blood Witch Dragon (Dragon Fae Book 1)

K. Panikian

Willa Overholt is a single parent of seven-year-old twins, and her life gets turned upside down when her house burns down, and her twins go missing. At first Willa thinks she is losing her mind when she finds out they have been captured by the fae, but she quickly follows her neighbor, Shane, to the land of the fae where she begins to discover strength and magic of her own. When Shane and Willa are attacked, Shane learns he seems to have developed new magic too. In a moment of desperation, Willa calls in a favor from a goblin. As she spends time learning from the goblins, she begins to learn more about herself. Willa’s priority is to save her children, and she only hopes that doesn’t mean sacrificing everyone she has come to love along the way.

A unique fantasy, Ms. Panikian takes the magical and makes it seem plausible and real. As the fantasy world comes to life, there are so many wonderful details. With only days to reach her kids, it seems impossible for someone who didn’t even know the fae existed the day before to face the fae queen. But soon a way is found where time moves slower, and in this story within the story, a relationship between Willa and her goblin friend, Kalo, begins to evolve. Each piece of this vital story clicks into place with another piece of the intricate puzzle in a fabulous way. The development of Willa as she becomes strong enough to face the queen draws the reader in as if they are experiencing this fantasy realm and growing stronger along with her. With a jaw dropping twist at the end, the second book in this series can’t come soon enough! A fantastic read!

Cara Cieslak