My Dear Mr. Ridley (Diamonds of London Book 1)

Sandra Sookoo

HISTORICAL: After leaving the loneliness of London since her husband’s death three years prior, Theodosia Netherton is glad to be in Rome where she can be with her son, Jacob. However, her plans go awry when her son is kidnapped, and buried parts of her past surface. Her only hope is to find a former Bow Street Runner, Hudson Ridley, who is anything but interested in returning to that reputation. Hudson has lived in Rome as a relaxed retiree after haunting events. The minute Theodosia shows up at his door though, he’s immediately entrapped by her eyes, and he decides soon after he will help her. Little do they know the attraction that initially burns between them will continue to grow, making things a bit more complicated during their investigation. 

This gripping, steamy whirlwind of a novel sends the readers down a rabbit hole of feelings, stirring things up by setting the Victorian lifestyle in the romantic city of Rome instead of the London ton. The new setting and the kidnapped child plot makes this book unique, but the predictability of some main plot lines eradicates the suspense. The romance is deliciously prominent as the author fills the pages with steam and adoration scenes, but the romantic build-up while this woman’s child is missing is somewhat of a turn off in the lightest sense, not to mention her constant damsel in distress act gets tedious, and it’s predictable that only Hudson can make her feel better. Nevertheless, the beautiful description of Rome will make readers feel like they are actually there with the characters and it enthralls one to continue so they can be a part of this still enjoyable tale.

Austen Grace