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Second Wind

When a tornado rips through the town of Whitfield and completely destroys her house, Dana Gerard finds herself facing one challenge after another. As she begins to pick up the pieces ripped up by the twister, Dana becomes overwhelmed and must fight to get some normality back in her life and try to stay positive for her son.

Worth Her Weight
Janet K.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Lacey Chandler is constantly battling to keep from using food to comfort her. Everything in life seems to be going against her. As her depression reaches a critical point, she takes drastic action. When she suddenly finds herself in the role of mother, she must bring herself together for the sake of the child.

Buddy Carruthers goes through women like he plays football, fast and hard. But, when his ex Emmy Meechan (AKA rock star Emerald) comes back into his life, Buddy finds himself thrust back into being head over heels in love with her.

Tempting Treasures

Lady Elena St John is doing just fine, thank you.

Holding Back

Laura Matheson is in Portugal to help her friends out with their hotel while theyre on vacation. She is not there to fall in love, or hang out with the handsome Daniel Stone.