Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver

Jean C.

Buddy Carruthers goes through women like he plays football, fast and hard. But, when his ex Emmy Meechan (AKA rock star Emerald) comes back into his life, Buddy finds himself thrust back into being head over heels in love with her.

Emmy Meechan has worked hard to become the famous Emerald. She finds herself back in the path of her ex after being asked to sing at a football game. Distance, fame and controlling influences seem determined to keep them apart. However, Buddy’s determined to have Emmy back in his life again.

Ms. Joachim delivers a great love story coupled with the action of football from the very first page! The character of Buddy Carruthers is easy to fall in love with.The football game scenes are exciting and make for excellent page turning. This book is written in such a way that getting wrapped up in the story is easy and forgetting that time is passing by - be prepared for a lot of late nights! The characters develop so well that it’s easy to love the good and loathe the bad. This classic love story with some football action is a perfect blend and will leave the reader itching to read more from this author. The style of this book kept it moving at a fast pace and made it a very enjoyable read!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick