Tempting Treasures


Lady Elena St John is doing just fine, thank you. She has been running the estate since her fathers death, and she does not want, or need, interference from the man who inherited it - James Stewart, Earl of Richmond. Furthermore, searching for the family treasure under his nose will bedifficult. And, finally: how the heck is she supposed to keep him from realizing she and the manor - are being haunted by her vengeful ancestor, Lady Katherine?

James, seeking to escape his mothers matchmaking, finds out that he has a ward he has not been aware of. After seeking her out he discovers a most vexatious female, more than one mystery and more danger than he had bargained for. Some thing, make that, some things are worth it.

 Mystery, treasure hunts, ghosts, romance, dashing lords and ladies there is something for everyone in Tempting Treasures! The author takes great care in creating an inviting world, with many different threads being woven intricately into an interesting story. James and Elena fill the roles of arrogant lord and spunky lady well, and watching their relationship unfold is lovely. However, there are several things which detract from the enjoyment of reading this book. It drags in parts, with perhaps some superfluous events and story lines, while the consequences of some tragic events are not shown. Also, with the amount of attention paid to the treasure hunt and clues, that storyline needed a more exciting/interesting resolution. Readers do get excerpts from Elenas aunts journal (who we will see more of) so there is a lot to look forward to!

Mimi Smith