Second Wind


When a tornado rips through the town of Whitfield and completely destroys her house, Dana Gerard finds herself facing one challenge after another. As she begins to pick up the pieces ripped up by the twister, Dana becomes overwhelmed and must fight to get some normality back in her life and try to stay positive for her son. With the help of her friends and one very unlikely source, Dana begins a journey to rebuild not only her home, but her life as well.

The premise of this novel is good - the classic story of a woman whose life is torn apart by natural disaster and her battle to rebuild it back up again. However, there were far too many events happening to the character and there were times when it felt like there was too much going on to gauge all the events the character was going through. The characters were likeable, but there were some interactions that slowed the novel down, and made it move at a slower pace. It was also made a little more tiresome with the main characters constant switching of decisions. It wasn’t clear at times what Dana was going to do. It would have been good to see more of certain characters, especially the main male character in the book. All in all this book was a good read - with a compelling premises and likeable characters, readers will want to seek out more of Ms. Deluca's work.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick