Holding Back


Laura Matheson is in Portugal to help her friends out with their hotel while theyre on vacation. She is not there to fall in love, or hang out with the handsome Daniel Stone. Plus he is infuriating, and there to evaluate the hotel and others for his business. There is that whole thing with the crazy maybe ex-girlfriend. And, and yet

Daniel Stone is in Portugal to investigate the hotel and decide whether its a travel destination his business should offer to buy. Hes tired from the traveling and being alone. Laura might be perfect for him or she could break his heart. Only time will tell.

A fun summer read, so hang onto your lemonades and enjoy Laura and Daniels way to love, one mishap at a time! Fast paced with relatable characters, Holding Backreads like a romantic comedy - bright, light and leaving one feeling warm and fuzzy. A misunderstanding is a fine plot device but one overused in this book. Sadly, there are so many of them that they basically form the plot. It gets tiring, with the possibility of whiplash with the charactersemotions and motivation going back and forth. Also, the side characters have promise but serve only to propel the story forward. Portugal is nearly a character in its own right, and one lovingly portrayed, definitely a most memorable setting. In the end, there is a lot to enjoy in this story, so if you have those lemonades handy: ready, set, go!

Mimi Smith