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One hundred and fifty years ago, Ruth Blackstone forfeited her soul to Jerahmeel, Satan in human form, to save her husband’s life. Still trapped, and killing wicked souls to feed Jerahmeel’s evilness, her life as an Indebted is abhorrent and she continually tries to earn her freedom.

Jump, Jive, and Wail
Kathryn R.

After fighting hard to get women’s ski jumping into the Olympic lineup, Kaitlin Reynolds suffers a devastating injury that ends her Olympic dreams for good. She has become angry and bitter, causing her estrangement from family and friends. She refuses to even watch the Sochi Olympics on TV - she just can’t; it’s too painful to even think about.

NATIVE AMERICAN:  Danny Whitehorse is a lawyer with a practice on the verge of folding when he is hired to find out why Gannon Oil has stopped paying royalties to the Navajo nation from the oil pipes within the reservation.

Off the Map

Oliver Aubry is high born and is expected to marry according to his station, yet he marries Chanel Angeli, an orphan who has joie de vivre that is difficult to contain. Oliver has to deal with his parents and mentor’s displeasure but he refuses to abandon Chanel - she makes him feel alive.

Stolen Hearts
Andrea R.

Crystal and Ruby are twin sisters trying to find evidence against Joshua Westridge, the man who had their parents killed. From a young age they are trained by their uncles to be thieves - the only way to get the much needed evidence. Paul and Kade are detectives on the Westridge case.