Wrecked (Blind Man's Alibi #1)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Rock'n'roll heartthrob Joe Campbell has thousands of screaming fans, but it’s the one quiet girl in the front row that stops the show. Emma Travers is his key to escaping the prison he has locked himself into, but he’ll pay for his freedom with his heart when he takes Emma on the road with the band. 

“Wrecked” is one story a reader should never finish in a public place. This erotic but heart-wrenching novel stands out among others of its ilk; not because of the journey, but because of the ending. Character growth in the pages of “Wrecked” sucks a reader into the souls of Emma and Joe. A couple of scenes feel misplaced, especially when Joe’s manager casts doubt about her presence on the bus. Joe’s response by this time in the book seems unusual. Emma’s wealth reads as a little contrived and may have worked better if she’d been a gal with an inheritance vs. a millionairess from inventing an app and being a designer. But this story’s heroine has an enduring optimism without harping on the dark subplot. Immersed in the backstage life of rocker fame, readers will be stunned by the raw and sexual antics of feverish fans. Secondary characters spice the book with flavorful personalities.

“Wrecked” will linger in your mind every time you see a music video and wonder who these icons are. 

Sloane Austen