Hiding in Plain Sight (Hidden Dangers #1)


Kierra needs closure and decides it's time to return to a place she once called home - a small town in Southern Illinois, where ten years earlier her world turned upside down. At the age of sixteen Kierra was left all alone. Once a part of the foster system and terrified of her past, she took many self defense courses and learned to deal with the continued panic attacks. She also keeps her looks bland as to not stand out. Her biggest fear is being the center of attention, just like that last night in Briarwood when Bryan followed her home after a party to make sure she arrived home safe. That night changed both their lives forever and was one neither will ever get past. 


“Hiding in Plain Sight” is a wonderful story of survival. The heroine and hero are both very easy to get attached to; they are down to earth and very well developed as characters. The plot has a steady pace and readers will not want to put this book down until the mystery is solved. The suspense is well done, however some of the descriptions are overdone. Readers don't need to be continually told about the character or circumstances once the foundation has been laid. The one-step-forward two-steps-back can be frustrating. Also a handful of editing errors are present, but don't hinder the story. Some fine tuning and this is a wonderful story with a very enjoyable ending that wraps up nicely. 


Viola Robbins