Her Demigod Complex: In Love with Her Demigod Billionaire Boss


Lyleia is a nymph without a spring. What she does have is a thousand-year boyfriend dry spell. A consultant firm places her as an Executive Assistant to a billionaire demigod. Her talents exceed filing and good business sense, but most of all being a nymph she can withstand her sextastic boss Castor Dioskouri, son of Zeus. That is until he asks her to join him at a werewolf mating, a sensually supercharged affair which makes it hard to resist coupling with the closest person. Since Castor lost his wife long ago, no one has caught his eye. During the year Lyleia has watched his girlfriends never get past the first kiss before they’re shown the door. What Lyleia doesn’t know is her fiery personality and smart mouth has his attention. Asking her to the wedding might not just be about business.

Looking for an amazing read? “Her Demigod Complex” delivers in fantasy spades as a tight story with sizzle and suspense. There’s no room for wasted words in this type of writing and Ms. Owen’s skill at setting up the plot, endearing the characters to the readers, presenting the protagonist as truly bad in relatively few pages, is remarkable. Readers will drool over Castor’s smooth, smart and sexy admiration for his EA. Lyleia can handle herself, and being a powerful nymph with a good head on her shoulders has Castor panting at her pretty fingertips. This is a must-have in a reader’s light but fun library!

Sloane Austen