Beauty and the Bull Rider (Hotel Rodeo #3)


WESTERN:  Delaney McCall once wore a crown. Now she’s dealing with bulls. She also handles bovines. The first type has two legs and doesn’t believe a woman has enough knowledge and skill to breed bovines in the same tough and tumble world of cowboys. One man sees her differently: Zac McDaniel, who has always seen her. First, when she was a Texas beauty queen and married to his best friend, then eight years later, divorced, running a ranch and still making Zac’s heart race like a barrel horse. Now that he’s done breaking bulls, he wants to rope Delaney in, but she has another idea when she calls him stud.

Chock full of knee-slapping humor, tension, and a tweak of sensuality, “Beauty and the Bull Rider” offers western romance lovers a good ride. Ms. Vane excels in smooth dialogue while balancing rich settings, believable characters and plot. Delaney’s apprehension of falling at Zac’s feet is one faced by anyone who has been burned. Some readers may raise a brow when Zac saves her bull. One would think she’d offer to make him dinner to thank him, but instead Zac is setting out the picnic basket. Zac is a good 'ole boy and every reader will be rooting for him to not only give Delaney what she wants, but to put a ring on her finger. Imaginative stories such as the buffalo vs. the Mexican bull add a fuller reading experience.

“Beauty and the Bull Rider” flows from beginning to happily after end!

Sloane Austen