A Demon’s Witch


Based in Washington D.C., Bruce is a 600-year-old demon, Overlord of the Western Hemisphere and owner of Wycked Hair Salon. While the salon is successful, its main purpose is to provide his cover in the mortal world while he governs the paranormal world, keeping them separate and safe. When Angelique Shandie walks into his life his job becomes more complicated. New owner of The Krystal Unicorn and a powerful witch, she was raised by her older brother with no intimate knowledge of the complexity of the paranormal world. He wants her and she wants him, but things are never so simple. Powerful forces from within and without test the limits of their relationship before it’s even begun. Will their love survive in this brutal world?


Unbeknownst to mortals, Washington D.C., known for its influential political citizens, is also home to a wide range of paranormal denizens in this intriguing tale of love, power, magic, and danger. While the plot progresses at an optimum pace the writing is herky-jerky, with a start-stop-start again style that is unsettling as well as unsatisfying. The interior circle conflict is overdone while the exterior battle, complete with a caricature villain, is a mere blip on the radar. Minute attention to detail bogs the story down while leaving character personalities short-changed. The concept for this story is a fantastic one. Ratcheting up the villainous tension, beefing up character personalities and easing of micro-detailing would have this story flowing more naturally. One could even say, supernaturally!


Carol Conley