Recent Reviews

A Game of Chance

Lily Frontiere’s mother runs Lucky Lil’s, the favorite house of pleasure in San Francisco. Madam Lil shielded her daughter from house life, and used it to fund her education, giving her a chance outside the red velvet walls. After returning from a European vacation, her mother becomes ill.

For Love or Money

Whodunnit? Not sure, but Holly ends up on a nasty date shooting ducks with Alex, and a becomes a prime suspect in her friends’ murder when they come across Marcy’s body. In walks Holly’s old flame, J.C., who is spearheading the investigation and stirring up old feelings.

PARANORMAL FANTASY:  “Everville: The First Pillar” is about college freshman Owen Sage’s arrival at Easton Falls University, where he will help save another world from the tyranny of an evil species bent on destruction.  Owen was always a typical guy, but he discovers he can travel in his dreams to another wor

Red Rock Ranch

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Rose has an exciting new job as a ranch hand for the summer on Red Rock Ranch.  It’s challenging, since she’s inexperienced with cattle, but she loves the horses.

Healing Summer

Mollie Hinkle is not looking for love when she accompanies her two friends on a road trip to Montana.  Love has failed her, her fiancé left her at the altar.