The Bride's Curse


Kelly Andrews is the owner of Wedding Bliss, a bridal and wedding planning business, and fears that a rumor about one of her bridal gowns having a curse will sink her once-thriving business. Not believing in witchcraft or any other kind of hocus pocus, she seeks the logical truth about this particular dress and discovers that it once belonged to a local resident with a sad story. Brett Atwell's aging aunt fears her time on this earth is coming to an end and has Brett search for her wedding gown, only to find it has been sold at auction. When Kelly and Brett are thrown together to unravel the mystery of the gown it becomes more than just finding the dress - it's about believing in love.


The first meeting between Brett and Kelly goes off without a bang, and more like a whimper. There is little chemistry between them and an awkward feeling lingers. He is uncomfortably too familiar with her and when they do finally connect on a romantic level it feels forced rather than having had the time to grow naturally. The plot is engaging, however, and the more one gets to know Kelly and Aunt Mary the more interesting the overall story becomes. Occasionally, there are contradictions, but they are few, and meanwhile the mystery and paranormal elements add such a sense of enchantment and eccentricity that it is overall very entertaining and a pleasant read.


Margaret Faria