Once Upon a Regency: Timeless Tales and Fables

Samantha Grace, Amanda Mariel, Meara Platt, Allison Merritt, Ari Thatcher,
Dawn Brower, Sue London, Lynne Barron, Tammy Andresen

Once upon a time, in lands far away nine ladies all found themselves in differing circumstances. Claudine must save her theatre and troupe, but will Russell fulfill his role? A lowly dressmaker captures an Earl’s heart. Why are sinister creatures chasing the May Day Princess? Struggling author, Duke of Greenebuck finds his own fairytale ending for his writings. Post shipwreck, Lord Spalding must find Cassie’s estranged relatives. Why was Alys Dewitt catapulted from present day into the past? Irish boxer Maeve O’Malley finds she is not the only one to land a knockout punch to the heart.  Can Lilith Aberdeen ensnare the brooding Lord Malleville after thwarting her father’s betrothal plans for sister? Will Lady Beaumont be rescued in time from her malevolent capture?


Readers looking for a unique retelling of classically written fairytales with modernized romantic twists will find a treasure within the pages of this newly released anthology. While many may expect to find shirking violets amongst regency pieces, readers are gifted with refreshing heroines demonstrating strong and capable inner strength while still fulfilling ones white knight fantasy. While the lack of historic vernacular may be disappointing to some, many more will find that that the missing dialect removes many mental stumblings for the everyday reader. However, the minute inconsistencies in how a character's age is written may be a detail that regency fans find hard to ignore. 


Additionally, while the series begins and end strongly, the middle ground is a bit mundane. Readers will also notice a lack of period and social propriety throughout; however this lack of formalness lends to the strong and independent character traits of the heroines. Moreover, the authors' present dashing and debonair Prince Charmings are sure to make a reader swoon! 


Stephanie Lodes