To Rome with Love (Love in the City #1)


Gaby Conte's divorce has left her with a real fear of commitment, so at present the last thing on her mind is of falling in love again. That is, until she meets Silvio while vacationing in Italy. He is hot and tempting but his arrogance only proves to her that he is not the right man and that she is still not ready for love. No way will she give in - or so she has convinced herself. When his persistence begins to wear her down, she considers that maybe a holiday fling is harmless and if he can bounce back from his own recent divorce perhaps she should too. No amount of guidance can make her sure of the right path. The question is, is she ready to take the risk?


Silvio is sexy and charismatic from the first moment the reader meets him; however, his arrogance (which never ceases through the book) begins to turn his appeal sour. He has a rather large amount of baggage of his own, yet seems to behave as though his charm is enough, that the women who pique his interest should turn a blind eye. The chemistry between Gaby and Silvio is steamy and sizzling with just the right amount of wit, but at times they're over the top like adolescents that cannot keep their hands off each other, and none of the maturity needed to hold a relationship together. The setting in Rome and Gaby's knowledge of food definitely lifts the overall story to a delicious height, and "To Rome with Love" is an enjoyable read overall.


Margaret Faria