Stars, Stripes and Motorbikes (Holidays in Lake Point 9)


Being raised by a former soldier and single father is only part of the reason Autumn has sworn off all things military. When she receives devastating news, she turns to her motorcycle repair shop as a means of solace. Linc Myer has been on a cross-country self-discovery mission - seeking his own refuge from life’s cruel hand - when he stops into town to visit his childhood friends. Instead he finds himself immediately drawn to the wild, pink-haired mechanic. Soon he lays out a battle plan to win her over. If only she would say “yes!” Just as he starts to breach her walls, tragedy strikes again. Will Linc be able to convince her to surrender before it’s too late?


Readers on the hunt for a fun and sweet read look no further! A successful standalone, readers will laugh out loud as the author breathes life into Autumn’s multifaceted and dynamic, tomboy-grease-monkey-mechanic personality while simultaneously hooking them with details of her devastating past. While great care and sensitivity is given to the losses resulting from war, the author does a splendid job not making Autumn and Linc’s casualties the focal point of their budding relationship. Instead, she utilizes their life experiences to show how one can rebound from a tragedy. As she balances the right amount of intrigue and humor readers will be ensnared and kept engaged and entertained; however some may become distracted with minor and sporadic formatting errors. Ms. Cass presents an excellent happily-ever-after that both soldiers and civilians will enjoy!


Stephanie Lodes