Lucky's Way (Winds of Change #2)

Gina Hooten

Eighteen-year old Lucky McLaren is a U.S. Army Air Service pilot in the Great War of 1918. While on leave he meets Antonia Tillery, a former military nurse who has come to the States after losing her husband to the Spanish flu. She is a beautiful and mysterious woman that Lucky can't help but be attracted to, and on a chance encounter he helps her hide from the police after a women's rights rally turns violent. Lucky returns to the war, only to encounter tragedy, and Antonia faces a dilemma of her own. While fate has thrown them together, their faith in love just might save them.


Lucky is a gallant and dashing young hero, charming his way into the reader's heart. Antonia is captivating but secretive, while her story is full of mystery and anguish that just gets better and better as the book goes on. Although interesting, the points of view from a number of characters adds some confusion and sections feel somewhat disjointed - like puzzle pieces that do not quite fit. Occasionally circumstances are fully explored, while others are abruptly short and cumbersome, leaving a reader with an inconclusive feeling. However, overall it is an intriguing story and its WWI setting one that historical readers will enjoy.


Margaret Faria