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Andrea Jamison is a beautiful young girl, wracked with insecurities, who seeks guidance through a five-day challenge to let God work through her life.

Molly Ramsey is a musician with a serious attitude - a truly ass-kicking attitude that has made her a fighter in all forms of life. Married to a marvelous man, mother to twin boys, and making her mark in the country music scene, she seems to have it all. Unfortunately, she also has a history that seems to haunt her.

Angela Anderson always wanted to be a fairy. At the age of five she received a fairy's kiss and was granted a wish. She made her wish and waited, and waited for it to come true.

Better to Have Loved

Julie Jensen has flown to England in 1967 regardless of her family's concerns or the humdrum weather.

For the last fifty years of her life Dark Angel Jaime Conner has been hunting demons in her sleep.