Purgatory’s Angel (Dark Angel Novels Book 1)


For the last fifty years of her life Dark Angel Jaime Conner has been hunting demons in her sleep. Night after night she and a handful of others just like her have hunted, killed and dispatched demons back to Hell. She's done her job dutifully, despite the loss of her family and the toll it has taken on her body and soul.  Yearning for the peace that only death can provide, she prays for the night that she finally falls in battle. One night, she dreams of a beautiful man named Collin and she believes he's the one who will kill her. But when she meets him in her real life, she's confused. Is Collin Leary a demon intent on destroying her, or something else entirely?

With compelling characters, interesting subplots and plenty of paranormal action “Purgatory’s Angel” is the kind of book that keeps one up at night! While there are elements of the book that align with the Judeo-Christian mythos the author has added twists that bring a fresh approach. As readers work alongside Jamie to peel back the many layers of subterfuge, one begins to wonder who is friend and who is foe. Although this tale ends on a cliffhanger there is amazing potential for growth in the next installment of the series. One should be aware that there is a depiction of graphic sexual assault that may be disturbing to some readers. Kudos to Ms. Hughes-Millman for some of the most well-written action scenes this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of reading! 


Chantel Hardge