Andrea and the 5 Day Challenge (Aubrey Christian Academy Series Book 1)

Cindy K.
Young Adult

Andrea Jamison is a beautiful young girl, wracked with insecurities, who seeks guidance through a five-day challenge to let God work through her life. Each morning she reads her Bible and writes in her journal asking God for aid in handling the day-to-day challenges of being a teenager. In addition to God, she has her friends who are very supportive - almost too supportive. 


Luke Ryan is a new student at Aubrey Christian Academy and while he seems to have everything going for him on the surface, there is a lot boiling beneath his perfect facade. He is drawn to Andrea and seeks to be more than just a friend and study partner. Can he break through her shell in one week, and take her to the school homecoming? That is the question. 


"Andrea and the 5-Day Challenge" is an adorable story that rings true in its portrayal of the emotional turmoil befalling teenagers. Andrea's awkward, insecure behavior is exceptionally spot-on, while Luke carries the weight of his secrets in a manner that is clearly true to form. There is a clear story line and plot, the reader knows what is expected, but the short time frame makes some transitions a little unrealistic. The entire story happens in a five-day span of time, and thus there is some rushing to accomplish everything the author wishes to deliver. Clearly Ms. Green just needed a bit more time frame, but her young characters shine no matter what and will make a mark in their genre. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto