Better to Have Loved


Julie Jensen has flown to England in 1967 regardless of her family's concerns or the humdrum weather. The young artist is intent on finding her own way despite her knack for getting into difficult situations. Her journey of self discovery takes her all over the world. Eventually she meets Paul who appears to be Julie's perfect match. But when she discovers some devastating truths about Paul, her world comes crashing down, leaving her with a broken heart and a baby on the way.

Julie's daughter Kirsten is on a mission of her own: to meet the father she's never known. Kirsten searches for decades to find the missing piece of her heart. As mother and daughter share similar journeys of self discovery they will find that all roads lead home.


Smartly observed and beautifully told, “Better to Have Loved” is a heartwarming story that shows that family is a bond that nothing can break. Readers will share their hopes, dreams, vulnerabilities and losses. While the church Julie works for is featured prominently readers aren't given much insight into what the church is, the belief system or why they require so many employees. Even though Ms. Nicholas is gifted at describing the surrounding world and other characteristics, the book as a whole feels overlong. Unfortunately, there are several editing issues as well, including a redundancy in the terms used and several words missing entirely. All in all, this book is an enjoyable read and with some editing it could be outstanding.


Chantel Hardge