Menopausal fairy Mischief


Angela Anderson always wanted to be a fairy. At the age of five she received a fairy's kiss and was granted a wish. She made her wish and waited, and waited for it to come true. Fifty years old, married with five children, and suffering from the evil of menopause, her wish finally comes true...she is a real fairy. Unfortunately, the fairy queen has placed conditions on Angela's role as a fairy; ones that make Angela look completely insane to her family, friends, and neighbors. 


Ms. Scott has a unique concept and a definitive plot idea. These play out relatively well, except for a number of speed bumps similar to Angela's flying attempts. First, determining the actual focus of the story is difficult. Is this a romantic comedy, a story about menopause, a fantasy, or a family drama? It is truly hard to tell. This dilemma leaves the reader dancing through choppy wording and treading water in a bizarre current of ideas. More character development would have created a solid ensemble cast that supported the concept of a menopausal fairy. There definitely is a river of humor that flows throughout the story and Angela is a true character - a fifty year old fairy suffering hot flashes is a hilarious idea. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto