Almost Ordinary (The Song Wreckers Book 2)


Molly Ramsey is a musician with a serious attitude - a truly ass-kicking attitude that has made her a fighter in all forms of life. Married to a marvelous man, mother to twin boys, and making her mark in the country music scene, she seems to have it all. Unfortunately, she also has a history that seems to haunt her. Can her husband, Caleb, save her from her demons - those that are real and those that scream within her mind? Through her music Molly finds solace and strength and an ability to have a career, family, and true friends in her life. 

A strong cast of characters brings this story to life. Unfortunately, characters are only one piece of the puzzle that creates a well-crafted novel. Riddled with errors and plump with redundancy the story lacks a musical flow. Past tense wars with the present and the reader is left wanting to turn the speakers down. The novel lacks a lyrical presence, leaving the reader frustrated from start to finish. There is no solid plot foundation built to hold the story solidly reads like a one note song. The saving grace is a beautiful family connection, built on the challenges of real love. Ms. Firsdon tackles the real emotions of family and nails it on the head. She wasn't afraid to deal with some hard family dynamics and she hit the emotional drama spot on. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto