Reviews - Contemporary

The Honeymoon Cottage
Barbara Cool

Camilla just lost her job, has been arrested and it turns out that her fiancée Dennis Henning is a con-man now wanted by the police!  He disappears with her company’s payroll, leaving her with a lot to answer for along with his 8 year old son Oliver to care for.  The police let her go when they realize she’s been conned but she feels it’s her duty to get the money back she was responsible for. 

Hot Number

Professor Sadie Bligh has been passed over for the prestigious mathematics award, the Eagleton Mathematics Prize... again.  In an effort to forget about that and her father’s disappointment she goes (where else?)  to Sin City.  Sadie is resolved-she’ll have fun, throw caution out of the window and make great memories, because really… what happens in Vegas...

Santa Fe Fortune

Traveling from North Carolina, Gwendolyn Marsh is keen to sell her oil paintings through the Holbrook & Holstein gallery in Santa Fe. A school teacher and aspiring artist, Gwen is desperate for funds. She’s in financial straits, as is her sister whose husband has left her with a brood of children and debts.

Her Kind of Man

Kara Cochrane is planning her wedding when she is jilted out of her intended's arms by none other than her sister.  In an effort to conceal her hurt, Kara accepts the attentions of Ross Williams, a boy she ignored throughout school. Ross has loved Kara since the second grade and has promised himself that if ever the chance comes his way, he will make Kara his own.

Brea And The City of Plastic

Brea is smart, blonde and built! She is a wanna be screen writer who lives in Northern California when she gets laid off from the magazine for whom she is working. She hooks up with a fellow student named Lance, and he talks her into moving to LA to chase her screen writing dreams.