And This Too Shall Pass


Alana Waverly is down in the dumps and down on her luck.  She has no job, no money, and no prospects, unless her debut romance novel begins to sell. Just as she sees a ray of hope, Alana is involved in a terrible accident. One that will take everything she has to pull herself  out of her downward spiral, and possibly find love in the process.

Wealthy, handsome, and charming Dylan Clayburn lives in the same apartment building as Alana. After literally smashing into her, he cannot seem to get her off his mind. He continually arranges for them to run into one another, but Alana keeps rejecting his advances.  During Alana's first book signing at a local bookstore, Dylan makes his move. A few days later he witnesses Alana's horrible accident, and vows to become a part of her life.

“And This Too Shall Pass” is a very emotional, and fitting novel for today's economic times. Alana is living the life many people will relate to, which makes this book somewhat depressing, at least in the first two thirds. The one thing missing in this tale is Alana's backstory. She has issues with past hurts that affect her current relationships, but we are not told how or why. Cynthia Roberts pens masterful love scenes, however, ones that are rich and beautiful but not graphic. The love and support from Dylan, and Alana's family will touch even the most cynical heart and may leave one closing the book in tears!
Tonya Smalley