Timeless Sojourn


Anne Harrison finds herself divorced, down on her luck, and very much alone in the North Georgia mountains .  Anne’s best friend Kat knows she is depressed, fighting to get back on her feet, so Kat encourages Anne to return to her home town of Seattle. Once Anne returns to Seattle, life does feel lighter, her confidence returns, and she feels like the strong woman she once was before marriage.  Then she meets Geoffrey Quinn, an artist that is arrogant, cocky,  and makes parts of her body, she had forgotten, feel zings. Life does have a way of throwing more than one curve ball at a time.

Geoffrey Quinn is an Irish American living the life he chooses. His wealth is his own, not from his family. This makes him happy with his path in life, even though he has no one to share it with. When the beautiful Anne Harrison wanders into his work space and stands her ground against his arrogance, this intrigues Geoff more than any woman ever has.

Painting a picture of Anne’s life, the story starts out slow, but Jamie Salisbury builds to a blossoming new beginning for Anne. The flow of the story is balanced and easy to read, with a sweet build into the relationship between Anne and Geoff. Some details are left unresolved that should have been briefly touched on, making the book seem incomplete.  Overall, however,  a lovely story from a very promising author!
Melody Prat