Playing the Game

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Games of the body. games of the heart. Both are something Roxanne understands, but while she is willing to play the former, the same can’t be said of the latter, for she never puts her heart as a stake.  At the worst possible moment, after the suspicious death of her husband, her lost job and a generally sucky stage in her life, she meets someone who can not only get her to play the game, but might actually win.  Roxanne makes it clear the only game she and Barry Dennis will play are those of seduction, but will he accept?

Barry’s first love is a different kind of game, basketball.  It is THE MOST important thing in his life, placed above his now ex-wife, his friends, and even his daughter.  He will NOT tolerate distraction, sexy as it might be. Life, however, has other plans, and Barry will be forced to reconsider... priorities, anyone?

Getting your mind in the game, or interest in this book, will be extremely easy and excitingly enjoyable! It’s fast-paced, with a lot of things happening, changing, and a plethora of interesting characters. The only downside might be…Barry.  It is an almost insurmountable challenge to even understand him, let alone sympathize with him. “The Barry Dennis Basketball Playing Robot” and his devotion to basketball, even at the price of being a bad father at some point becomes just too much. Still, “Playing the Game” wonderfully illustrates that when it comes to love, even the toughest players have to admit a… Slam Dunk!

Mimi Smith