See Lynne Chased

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Lynne Kelley is finally the owner of her own store. She just started to believe things just might go well when Nathan Craine showed up. He’s rich, handsome, wears Armani and is determined to buy her shop.  Nathan has his own reasons for wanting the store. Of course, the acquiring of it would be much easier if he didn’t like its quirky owner. Neither of them is willing to give up, so a kind of silent war starts. May the best man (or woman as the case may be) win!
A fun story with two very strong characters two who have incredible chemistry, and share a hidden attraction for each other but, it turns out that they are on different sides of the feud, and a mistake could cost them their jobs.  It’s a nice plot of the opposites-attract theme with a dash of forbidden love. The dialog between Lynne and Nathan is sarcastic, but humorous. See Lynne Chased flows well, with reasonable explanations for their actions. Unfortunately, there were a few things that may dampen the experience for some.  The characters behavior seemed awkward and overly dramatic at times. Their thought processes could be difficult to follow, and were sometimes unrealistic.  For sheer escapism fun, however, readers will find this book to be a full robust story, with a bold ending!
Melody Prat