Summer Love: (For A Smile 2)


The Stormy Seas of Love
A short story about a whirlwind romance between Ceri and Sam, who both work on the cruise ship Ms Emerald.  They start out disliking each one another, but along with the rough weather, their stormy emotions begin to clear on the road to love.
This is a cute, fun, quick story! Even though it's short, the fact that Ceri and Sam fall head over heels in love within a couple of days is a bit hard to swallow. However, if one is looking for something fast and enjoyable to read within a small amount of time, this will fit the bill.

Love Lost at the Manor
Leaving her career and her boyfriend behind in London, Carla makes a life altering decision to change her life and work as an estate manager at Birtcup Hall. She knows she made the right decision, except possibly where Simon her boyfriend is concerned. Planning the premier launch of the manor, Carla finds she must extend an invitation to the company for which Simon works, leaving her to wonder if he will be the one to attend.
The characters in this short story are fun, and a bit quirky. In her job, Carla must deal with all of the personalities that come with the employees. That makes this a story one the reader will want to keep reading, anxious to see if the launch of Birtcup Hall is a success, and if her relationship with Simon can be repaired.

“Summer Love” is just the thing if one is short on time, but looking for something quick, fun and enjoyable to read.
Tonya Smalley