Reviews - Contemporary

Recently divorced, Layla and her 16 year old daughter Elle leave Seattle for a new start in Las Vegas, where they find an inexpensive vehicle and an apartment in a not-so-great part of town. Layla's new job is an administration position at a training center for UFL fighters.

WESTERN:  Cassandra is announced the winner of another shooting competition in Tennessee. This red-headed sharp shooter beats out the men each time! Her hard work and dedication are just starting to pay off when she gets a letter from an attorney in Wyoming and she has to go home as soon as possible.

Dr. Jackie Brandon runs a marine mammal rescue centre in northern bay of San Francisco, CA. Her non-profit centre has all it can handle lately - something in the water is killing the marine life.  Her search for the source of the contamination brings her to the shores of the Tavonesi vineyard and its handsome owner - and all-star baseball player Alex Tavonesi.  

Kennedy O’Brien is not very fond of men.  After returning from Afghanistan and serving her country, she came home to find her husband in bed with the nanny and all bets were off.  "Fool Me Once Investigations" was born, and Kennedy's latest bail jumping case seems open and shut - until the last person she wants to see

Unwritten Rules

Madelyn Li used to be an FBI agent.  Nowadays, she's enjoying her solitude, her own space and running her own security agency in Chicago - when she's not dodging her grandmother's matchmaking attempts.  Her latest contract - security detail on a book tour with a best-selling author - seems to be just what her struggling agency needs.  Except that the author is also her sexy neighbour, Carter De