Fighting To Forgive (Fighting, #2)


Recently divorced, Layla and her 16 year old daughter Elle leave Seattle for a new start in Las Vegas, where they find an inexpensive vehicle and an apartment in a not-so-great part of town. Layla's new job is an administration position at a training center for UFL fighters. Blake “The Snake” who is the biggest playboy of the UFL fighting group, takes to Layla right away and his instinct tells him to help her and make sure she is safe in her surroundings. Blake and Layla hit it off and while getting to know each other realize that they both have had traumatic and abusive pasts and slowly begin to trust each other with their dark secrets. Hurt, loss and jail time come between them. Will they fight to be together?


JB Salsbury has wrapped together multiple topics beautifully. The story flows smoothly while covering some heavy situations:  abandonment, marital abuse and the professional fighting circuit. There are multiple subplots taking place throughout yet all are wrapped up with a very satisfying ending. The characters are well placed throughout the story, they are a music-loving and very athletic, talented group. Damaged and betrayed main characters are portrayed as strong and independent survivors. “Fighting to Forgive” is part of a series; however it stands alone perfectly. Readers will truly enjoy the mystery, drama and romance that plays out in this one. Note: language may be an issue for some readers.


Julie Caicco