Love Bats Last (The Tavonesi Series #1)


Dr. Jackie Brandon runs a marine mammal rescue centre in northern bay of San Francisco, CA. Her non-profit centre has all it can handle lately - something in the water is killing the marine life.  Her search for the source of the contamination brings her to the shores of the Tavonesi vineyard and its handsome owner - and all-star baseball player Alex Tavonesi.  

Once jilted by a soccer star on her way to the altar, Jackie wants nothing to do with jocks or society's elite.  Alex can't seem to forget the passionate and courageous veterinarian, and volunteers at the rescue centre to get to know her better.  As their attraction grows and Jackie gets closer to the source of the pollution danger mounts... 

Triple Crown Ms. Aares! This story has so many levels that all weave together beautifully.  An animal rescue, the all-American favorite pastime and a water pollution mystery are all wrapped together in this wonderful story.  The characters are well-written, the rescue volunteers, baseball players and family are deftly connected and show great loyalty and compassion. The spin with the ‘bad guys’ polluting the water system is an added bonus of drama and perseverance. From the moment readers start turning the pages, there will be no putting this story down until love bats last!

Julie Caicco