Come Tame Me (Wild Fillies - Book 1)


WESTERN:  Cassandra is announced the winner of another shooting competition in Tennessee. This red-headed sharp shooter beats out the men each time! Her hard work and dedication are just starting to pay off when she gets a letter from an attorney in Wyoming and she has to go home as soon as possible. She grew up on a ranch back there - her father kept it going after her parents divorced and she moved away with her mother. Gabe, her boyfriend from ten years ago, still manages the ranch for her father and she has not had contact with either of them for years. When she arrives in Wyoming she’s told she in the sole heir to her father’s estate; when she is reunited with Gabe he lets her know about some suspicious activity occurring on the ranch. Cass also realizes that her feelings for Gabe are alive and well. Should she keep him on as manager or are the memories of the past too much?

Smoking and sizzling hot! Beware of the filly that needs taming! This western tale of rodeo, shooting and cattle rustling will surely surprise and delight readers. The ongoing mystery of who is stealing cattle develops a good flow throughout and keeps readers engaged. The romance that brews is hot and quickly becomes a total roller coaster ride! While some of the plot is a bit predictable the arc holds up and draws readers in. This is a steamy hot cowboy tale, so hold on to your hats!

Julie Caicco