Shame on You (Fool Me Once #1)


Kennedy O’Brien is not very fond of men.  After returning from Afghanistan and serving her country, she came home to find her husband in bed with the nanny and all bets were off.  "Fool Me Once Investigations" was born, and Kennedy's latest bail jumping case seems open and shut - until the last person she wants to see or deal with is assigned to help her with her task - Griffin Crawford, her ex-husbands best friend. 


Friends with Kennedy since high school, Griffin always had feelings for her, but stepped back when she chose his best friend. He even enlisted in the Army the same time as she did so he could keep an eye on her and keep her safe. When Kennedy’s ex wants back, many things are turned upside down at once.


The chase is on in more ways than one. There is drama and danger throughout this entire book!  Readers will find some parts of the story predictable but still very enjoyable. Griffin’s character continues to show up in the right place at the right time to assist Kennedy which subtly shows his true feelings and his loyalty. All the emotions that are finally revealed will have readers cheering for their romance to fall into place like it should have many years before. The local neighborhood celebrating and supporting local college football is an added enjoyment and a great representation of an American tradition. 

Julie Caicco