Unwritten Rules


Madelyn Li used to be an FBI agent.  Nowadays, she's enjoying her solitude, her own space and running her own security agency in Chicago - when she's not dodging her grandmother's matchmaking attempts.  Her latest contract - security detail on a book tour with a best-selling author - seems to be just what her struggling agency needs.  Except that the author is also her sexy neighbour, Carter Devlin.  And he's ex-CIA.  And someone is trying to kill him.

Ms. Henderson builds up dramatic suspense along with mountains of romantic insecurity! This fast-paced mystery is so addictive, readers will not be able to put it down until the truth comes out and one discovers who is responsible for all the danger and incidents around them. All the characters are well-portrayed and each play an in integral part as the plot unfolds. The description of all the players in the story is so beautifully painted that the reader gets the feeling of knowing them all personally. It even includes some feisty grandmothers too! This page-turner is a true delight. A spicy and fun “who done it”, which includes a beautiful love story.

Julie Caicco