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“Stockholm Diaries” opens on an early morning in contemporary Stockholm, as Detroit native, Caroline, prowls the streets looking for the perfect picture. Caroline postponed her travel photographer's dream to support her boyfriend, Brad, through law school.

For twenty years, Cedric has lived with the agonizing results that came from placing his career before his eternal mate.

Crescent Moon

When Assistant District Attorney Claressa Dupré  tagged along wi

MILITARY:  The last time Nicole Locke saw the love of her life, she was forced to forsake him to keep him alive. But when the Governor of Florida turns to the Knight Agency to investigate both a murder as well as an anthrax attack, she finds herself directly by the side of her old flame.

“Power of the Matchmaker” is a prequel to a twelve-book series of related stories involving a legendary matchmaker.  This prequel gives us that matchmaker’s story.  Mae Li has loved Chen Zhu for a long time, and when she believes they will finally be together, he is matched to another girl in her v