Lifemaker (The Great Iron War Book 2)

Dean F.

SCI-FI/STEAMPUNK:  Jacob is a smuggler and reluctant member of the Resistance movement against the Iron Empire—humanoid demons who have taken over Earth for its iron stores and have sterilized most of humanity.  The Lifemaker houses the remainder of the Pure, the only women who are still able to conceive and give birth to babies, and the hub of the resistance movement.  Jacob conceived a child with independent co-ruler of the Resistance, Taberah.  He has feelings for her, but she doesn’t love him in return.  She even ignores her own son, Whistler, a boy who Jacob has bonded with through their mutual past ordeals at the hands of the Iron Empire.  The deep ocean is a dangerous place, as they evade the Regime, the monsters of the depths, and a saboteur onboard.

The second book in Dean F. Wilson’s dystopian steam punk series takes place on a massive submarine called “Lifemaker”.  "Lifemaker” is a thrilling adventure story with very good character development despite its relatively short length. Wilson’s descriptive writing immerses the reader in the claustrophobic world of the large submarine, and delves into the conflicts between the characters who are on the same side, but don’t necessarily have peace with each other.  Adventure lovers will appreciate the swift pace of the novel; however, readers who haven’t started with the first book might feel somewhat lost, since some past and crucial events aren’t explained in the ongoing narrative.  The explosive conclusion will have readers eager to continue this series!

Danielle Hill