The Redemption of Julian Price


Henrietta has always been in love with Julian, but the only marriage proposal she has received was one from a soldier, now dead. Julian loves Henrietta, but when he comes home from the Napoleonic War he finds that his Uncle Winston has spent all of his inheritance and gotten him 20,000 pounds in debt. He’ll have to sell everything he owns and go to Portugal to be a mercenary. When Henrietta reveals this to her aunt, she makes Henrietta an heiress, just the thing Julian needs to save his estate. Now the only thing left to do is convince Julian to swallow his pride and marry Henrietta before it is too late.


This is a whimsical tale of two people in love from almost the beginning of the novel. Henrietta’s naiveté is refreshing, and so is her lack of embarrassment when asking Julian questions about sex. Julian is a sympathetic character who wants to reform his ways, but can’t see how he can without the financial means. Other characters in the story are shallow and pale in comparison to Julian and Henrietta. The ‘mousetrap’- like setup that Hen and her aunt devise is masterful and gives the reader something about which to chuckle. Ms. Vane has written an outstanding piece that makes one feel as though they are there as the plan unfolds. This is a quick and delightful read!


Belinda Wilson