Please Release Me


Sally has it all: physical beauty, a rich, handsome husband and a beautiful home. Then she is in a horrible car accident and is in a coma for months. Her husband, Peter, is ever devoted to her and visits every day even though the prognosis is grim. Sally has made no improvement in months. Then one stormy night, her body remains in the coma but she becomes a ghost seen only by Grace, who has a loved one in the same care facility. Through Grace, Sally is able to get her messages across to her mother and Peter. Though she starts out as a peaceful spectre, as she gains strength, she becomes terrifying.


Ms. Baxter takes a unique idea and spins an exceptional tale surrounding a coma patient. The characters are multilayered and have much depth to them. Once Sally arrives in her ethereal form, she steals the show. Her emotions run from docile to insanely jealous and she always acts on these emotions. The love triangle between Peter, Sally, and Grace is complicated on several levels and it’s hard for the reader to know who should be with Peter in the end to achieve the happily ever after. There are several plot twists that take the story in unexpected directions, so the reader has to stay alert. This is a well-rounded piece that leads to hours of reading enjoyment.


Belinda Wilson